The results are in! Our collaboration with Pinergy

By Louise Dockery 29-04-2021
The results are in! Our collaboration with Pinergy

Some of you may remember the Instagram survey we announced in conjunction with Pinergy here?

Well, thanks to the help of our amazing community of followers, we got some really great insights into how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live. This information is not only interesting, but helpful for all of us to understand how we can best help you to navigate this tricky period.

From an interiors perspective, we're all about that fab home office décor and stylish yet sustainable homeware, but Irish smart clean energy providers Pinergy have lot of techy solutions for you to not only keep costs down, but ensure your home is running as sustainably and environmentally-friendly as possible - something that's more important than ever before.

So drum roll please, here are the results of the survey! For more information about our Pinergy project, pick up our May-June issue. It's jam-packed with swoon-worthy interiors, smart home appliances and ideas for making your home healthier for both your family and the planet. And head over to to learn more about their discounted clean energy plans.

Image: Mary Lauren

After the COVID-19 pandemic, what is your working location preference?

57.19% Full-time home

30.53% Full-time location away from home

12.27% Mix of both


Have you noticed a sizeable increase in your energy costs since you started to WFH?

70.76% Yes

29.24% No

Image: iStock

On a scale of 1-10, how eco-conscious is your household?

0.56% 0,

1.4% 1,

1.68% 2,

3.91% 3,

5.59% 4,

16.76% 5,

21.79% 6,

22.07% 7,

19.83% 8,

4.47% 9,

1.68% 10


Do you know how much you spend on energy every day? 

8.36% Yes

91.63% No

Image: Wit & Delight

Would you value seeing your daily energy consumption on a Mobile Phone App?

85.37% Yes

14.35% No

2.2% Don’t care


Do you have an Electricity Smart Meter?
74% Yes

87.85% No

0.4% Didn’t know

Image: Pinergy

Do you plan to invest in energy efficient technologies for your home in the future e.g. solar panels, heat pumps?

58% Yes

25.42% No


Which room in your house do you spend the most time working in?

39.16% Kitchen

29.66% Home office

15.21% Bedroom

11.79% Living room

1.14% Dining room

0.76% Attic

0.76% Sun room

0.76% Garden pod

0.38% Play room

0.38% Craft room

Image: Ikea

Have your daily household habits changed significantly since COVID-19 began e.g Cooking, Screen time, Sleeping, meal times etc.
83% Yes

17% No


Does your family get together in the evening time?
66% Yes

34% No

Image: Winnie Au

Do you expect to purchase an Electric Vehicle as your next Car?

41.66% Yes

56.327% No

2.01% Maybe


Have you carried on any “Irish mammyisms” in regard to managing energy costs? 

20.71% Plugging out

75% Switching off

1.67% Not using immersion

2.62% All 3 of the above! Fair play to you!


This project was sponsored by Pinergy. 


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