Colour tips for your kitchen and dining area

By Karen 09-02-2011

Combined cooking and eating areas works particularly well because it provides a feast for the senses. As long as your cooking and eating space remains warm and clutter-free, it is possible to create a feeling of well-being through the creating of two very different styles.

For a calm and welcoming colour palette in your kitchen dining room try painting your walls in Crown Milk White solo one-coat emulsion and introducing a terracotta accent wall with Crown Amber Glow solo one-coat emulsion.

  • Select the kitchen-dining style most suited to your type. If you are the efficient type, the clean-cut minimalist look is best; if you’re earthier and more relaxed, the modern rustic look is likely to be more appropriate.
  • White works well for both minimalist and rustic looks and white units can expect to have a long shelf life. You can also mix in ‘junk shop’ furniture and simply paint it white to match for a more eclectic feel.
  • Keep the flooring simple like this white painted floor, or opt for pale timber boards.
  • White tiling, like these metro style tiles (available from Mosaic Assemblers Dublin) are the perfect splash back.
  • Consider hanging a row of low feature lights. They work well to create an intimate dining area in an otherwise large space.
  • Opt for plain units and bring colour into your walls instead. That way you can easily change your scheme to suit. Terracotta, like Amber Glow from Crown, is timeless and creates a feeling of primitive vibrancy without being overbearing.
  • Your dining room should feature a plain but elegant table as its focal point as in this painted timber table. Ensure that your chairs have some link to the table in their design and are uniformly simple, as well as being comfortable, so your guests will want to linger over their food.

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