Live in Downton Abbey With 6 Items from Pickit

Live in Downton Abbey With 6 Items from Pickit

Downton Abbey is back for a third season and yes, the treacle tart is still tip-top thanks to Mrs. Patmore. Lady Sybil is content living a modest existence in exile on our side of the pond, having absconded with the rebel chauffeur. However, we’re not so sure we could have given up the lavish comforts of the Crawley lifestyle quite so easily. As Carson balks in the opening scene, “How can you manage without a footman”?

Though she no longer has servants to wait on her hand and foot, we’ve selected 6 of the most Downton-worthy items on Pickit that we’re certain would make Sybil feel right at home:

  1. Mirrored Tray, €90, Eden Home & Garden
  2. Crystal Pendant, €434, National Lighting
  3. Mounted Deer Head, €350, The Store Yard
  4. Candlestick Holder, €135, Bushell Interiors
  5. Velvet Cushion Covers, €17.50, Pure Living
  6. Mahogany Sideboard, €3,000, The Store Yard

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