Make And Do the Design*Sponge way: Recycled cake stand

Make And Do the Design*Sponge way: Recycled cake stand

Decorative cake stands are beautiful additions to the table and add a sprinkling of festivity to any occasion.

Image: Derek Fagerstrom & Lauren Smith

Designer: Kate Pruitt

Cost: Under €20

Time: 1 Hour, plus drying time


What You’ll Need

  • Vintage plates (any size) and candlesticks or vases to act as bases. Remember that larger plates need a wider base.
  • A ruler
  • A marker pen
  • Epoxy resin adhesive and some disposable scrap cardboard for mixing it
  • Lollipop sticks to apply the adhesive
  • Masking tape
  • Rags and cleaning solution

How To

  1. Test the plates with various bases to find the best fit. You want the plate to balance properly on its base before you even apply adhesive
  2. Thoroughly clean and dry all the plates and bases.
  3. Measure the back of each plate and mark the centre with a dot
  4. Prepare the adhesive, following the instructions on the packet. Apply the adhesive to the top edge of the base and gently place it upside down onto the back of the plate, using the central dot as your guide
  5. Let the adhesive set a little, and then gently press the plate down on its base, wiping away the excess with a lollipop stick. Apply masking tape on four sides to anchor everything in place, and let it dry overnight.

DIY Don’t: Never attempt to dishwash your cake stand!


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