Sharon Heirne Smith refurbishes her kitchen

By Dara Flynn 08-12-2010

When your life is dedicated to the pursuit of all things culinary, a naff kitchen simply won’t do - just ask Sharon Heirne Smith, the stylist and writer of the Friendly Cottage lifestyle blog. Check out the full feature in our current issue of House and Home.

(Photographs: Paul Sherwood)

The house was a 70-year-old, three-bedroom property and nothing had been done with it for years. We had to redo almost everything and decided to make the back parlour into a new kitchen.


Sharon's kitchen was once the parlour of a rundown former council house in South Dublin. This was a textbook refurbishment job that ticked all the ‘major problem’ boxes: an unusable galley kitchen, rotting floorboards, and original but neglected fireplaces. Sharon, a fanatical cook and a food stylist, needed a kitchen to suit not just her lifestyle but her profession.


Sharon,  a stylist with a highly-developed sense of aesthetics, combined some affordable Ikea kitchen units with the expertise of a local carpenter, (Harvest Construction, Co Wexford) to produce a beautiful kitchen island and bespoke storage solutions.

The stainless steel work surfaces are from Kent stainless steel. The wood trims and floors are from Woodworkers, and electrical supplies are from T O'Reilly Electrical. The homely cupcake colour scheme was chosen and applied by Sharon with paints from MRCB paints.

The kitchen island is a combination of Ikea units screwed together, topped with a stainless steel surface and finished with tongue and groove end panels. The unit is on castors so I can move it around and it’s fitted with sockets to make it really practical

Sharon’s carpenter made the pantry drawers, as well as a plate rack and shelving above the sink. Sharon got her plates at Mac Salvage, and the sink and pull-out pantry from Hafele.

My furniture makeovers always start with a paintbrush. Then I usually can't help myself embellishing with fabric, lace trims, pom-poms, painted stripes and colourful knobs. I am even hatching a plan to go decoupage-mad with doilies!

As Sharon uses her kitchen for work as well as her home life, ease of access is crucial, so she opted for open shelving where possible.

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