7 ways to make your home look like it was styled by an interior designer

By Fiona Hyland 26-04-2017
7 ways to make your home look like it was styled by an interior designer

We know a thing or two about beautifully styled, magazine-worthy homes. In fact, it's a lot easier to make your home look expertly styled, than you'd imagine. With just a little spend, or even jazzing up some things you already own, you too can have a perfectly curated home, filled with (what looks like) an interior designer's touch.

Make use of decorative trays

Bathroom counter tops can often get cluttered and messy. Things such as cotton buds, makeup remover, mouthwash and perfume are necessities that can take up quite a bit of room. However placing them on a beautiful, decorative tray, make them instantly less cluttered and add an interesting aspect to your boring old bathroom stand.

Credit: Brandi Sawyer

Branch out

We love natural foliage, potted plants, and interesting branches in any gaff. From large potted plants, to hanging terrariums, indoor herb gardens and cactai - there are so many ways to incorporate this natural trend into your home. For more inspiring ways to add a touch of greenery to your home, check this out!

Credit: Lacotovie.com

Use matching towels

Common in any high-end hotels and restaurants, white towels scream luxury, however a carefully selected theme to complement your bathroom can be just as luxurious.

Credit: H&M

Leave your chairs pulled out

In many magazine shoots that you'll see (and probably never noticed before!) chairs around tables are slightly pulled out, rather than sitting neatly, tight against the table. This gives the viewer better scope of the size and design of the chair, as well as creating the illusion that the space is bigger.

Credit: Design Sponge

Be a show off

Have a beautiful piece of cookware, such as a Le Creuset pot? Leave it out for the world to see! After all, we didn't spend a fortune on beautiful cookware only for it to be hidden away in a press.

Credit: Le Crueset

Light a fire

There's nothing more inviting than a roaring, open fire. However if this isn't a option, simply light a couple of candles. Fire creates a homely vibe quite like no other.

Credit: Paddy Wax

Imperfection is perfection

It can often be tempting to buy a set of all matching cushions and throws, but really, a beautiful sitting room or bedroom will be filled with various patterned cushions and throws in different shapes and sizes. Don't be afraid to experiment with colour too, after all, your house should reflect your own personal style.

Credit: Ferm Living

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