8 sneaky ways to make a small room look bigger

By Aoife Valentine Secor 16-09-2016

Whether you're living in an apartment with limited space or just find your rooms on the small side, there are sneaky ways to make a small room appear that bit bigger.

Everything from the colour you paint the room to how you place the furniture makes a big difference to how big the room feels. Here are nine sneaky ways you can make you home feel roomier than it is, starting with only having one big couch. Often having one big couch is better than having two smaller ones as one takes up less space. It also leaves the room more open, making it feel bigger than it is.

2. Wallpaper your ceiling

It probably isn't your first thought, but wallpapering the ceiling in a small rooms makes it feel much bigger. Anything that draws the eye upwards gives the illusion of more space.

3. Use big accessories

small room look bigger Image: Gardenista

It's slightly counterintuitive, but rather than cluttering your space with small accessories, choose one or two larger ones. They obviously take up more space but having only one or two makes it seem less like you're struggling to fit everything in.

4. Paint your rooms bright colours

A small room will look tiny with a dark paint job. Keep things bright and airy with light coloured walls. Light coloured walls and floors will reflect light rather than absorb it, keeping the room from closing in on itself.

5. Leave windows unadorned

small room look bigger Image: West Elm

On a similar note, you want as much light as possible getting in. Leaving curtains off windows lets the light in and gives a small room depth. If privacy is an issue, get some blinds put on the windows. They're much less crowded-looking than curtains.

6. Avoid fussy accessories

Keep things very simple. Avoid unnecessary details, like ruffles, in furniture and window treatments. Use clean, unadorned accessories.

7. Use mirrors

Strategically placing mirrors can give you the illusion of more space. If you can, place it across from a window to help reflect light around the room. Even if that's not possible, just putting a big mirror against a wall, makes the room seem bigger and brighter.

8. Use glass or lucite furniture

small room look bigger Image: Decor Pad

Things like side tables can make a room feel cluttered, especially if they're mostly for decoration. Opting for a glass or lucite piece means you have the benefits of the table but it doesn't appear to take up as much space.

8. Allow empty space

small room look bigger Image: Solebich

Empty space can add a lot to a room. In fact, it is essential in a small room because it allows the room to breathe. Don't fill your shelves or other surfaces to the brim with stuff. You'd be surprised at the difference it can make. If you're finding storage a struggle while living in a smaller home, check out our storage solutions to save space in your home.

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