This extremely simple IKEA hack totally transforms the MALM bed

By Aoife Valentine Secor 07-03-2017

MALM bed ikea hack sugar and cloth

When you look at homes online as much as we do, there are a couple of staple pieces of furniture you start to see everywhere. A few Eames chairs never go amiss, scandi-style living rooms aren't complete without a chenille shag rug, and you're all but guaranteed to find an IKEA MALM bed in all good bedrooms. They're classics for a reason - their simple design fits with most styles and homes.

However, the problem with that is when your home starts to look just like everyone else's. A few small tweaks and changes, a weekend DIY project here and there, can totally change the look of certain pieces of furniture - and for the better. That's exactly the case with Sugar and Cloth's IKEA hack on her MALM bed.

The design on the MALM bed is extremely simple, and if you've picked it out in white, you've got a fairly blank canvas to work with in terms of your room.

This is what the MALM bed looks like in its original state when you pick it up for €165 in IKEA. Fairly basic, right? Not after Sugar and Cloth got her hands on it.

Using one case of Stikwood - reclaimed wood that's already finished with adhesive backing on it - in the reclaimed barrel oak shade, she totally transformed the headboard on her bed. Perfect if you're not exactly a woodworker - there's not a single sander or screw involved in this DIY. If that's not the best part, perhaps it's the fact Stikwood deliver internationally so this is a totally accessible hack.

MALM bed ikea hack sugar and cloth

MALM bed ikea hack sugar and cloth

You'd never even know that was a MALM bed underneath there once it's finished! Because it is reclaimed wood and not the fake stuff, there are a few snag points in terms of applying it perfectly, which Sugar and Cloth go through in detail on their blog.

Cool, huh?

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