7 small utility room ideas: easy ways to maximise your space

By Aoife Valentine Secor 05-07-2019

The utility room is becoming increasingly a space people want to be more than simply a functional room - you can make laundry look good, and here's how

A utility room is the dream for a lot of people - getting the noisy, ugly washing machine out of the kitchen can make a huge difference to the room. There are loads of small utility room ideas that will transform your laundry room, even if all the space you have is a small press to squeeze it in.

Don't believe us? Check out some of our small utility room ideas to take advantage of the tightest of spaces.

1. Stack your machines

If you're dealing with a narrow utility room, stacking your machines rather than having them side by side frees up a lot of room. Because washers and dryers are liable to move around while spinning cycles are on, it's often advisable to put the machine on top on a sturdy shelf/counter in order to stop your machines taking a walk around your room - disaster!


2. Hang a drying rack

Instead of taking up valuable floor space with a drying rack or horse, try hanging a rail above your washing machine to hang your drying on. Many people have quite a narrow utility room, wide enough to fit their washing machine and not much else, which is actually perfect for this kind of solution - you can run the rail(s) from one wall to another, or if your utility room is more of a utility closet, the rail can run the width of the press.


3. Think about the ergonomics

Wherever you're setting up your utility room, consider how you're placing your machines carefully. Ideally place the washing machine off the floor, in a sturdy frame that won't see your bending every time you have to load and unload it. Consider the option of a pull out shelf for the basket beneath it, to help you with the whole process.


4. Look under the stairs

The space under the stairs in a hallway is often big enough to house at least a washing machine, if not a dryer too. Space allowing, some shelving to store your washing materials will never go amiss. You can close it off with doors, or if you're on a budget, even hanging a curtain to cover it over will keep your hallway from looking overcrowded. If you are planning to fit a dryer in, ventilation is an important consideration, so perhaps look at a condenser dryer as an option.


5. Continue shelving up to the ceiling

When space is at a premium, using every square inch will go a long way to maximising your space. Consider continuing your shelving or presses right up to the ceiling so you're not wasting that awkward space at the top of a press and letting it become simply a dust haven. Use that vertical space to your advantage. As a bonus, it will also make the room feel bigger and more spacious, as you're tricking the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher than it is.


6. Try a pegboard

If you don't have much space to play with and shelving is a little awkward for any narrow space alongside your machines, rather than cramping the space up, try a pegboard as a storage solution. Slim and space-savvy, you can set it up so it can hold all your laundry essentials, like your ironing board.

7. Curtain call

The trick of hanging a curtain over your washing machine and dryer can also be used if you've got a narrow alcove in which you can store your machines, or even if you have to keep them under the counter in your kitchen. Covering them over means they're out of sight, and out of mind, which may help how you feel about them if you're desperate for a utility room but just don't have the space.


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