5 subtle bathroom decorating mistakes that instantly cheapen your space

By Aoife Valentine 27-02-2018

A beautiful bathroom is a luxury that shouldn't be overlooked, but it's very easy to find yourself in a space that leaves a lot to be desired. Subtle bathroom decorating mistakes take your room from being a gorgeous room that's both visually pleasing and also super practical, to being a space you just want to nip in and out of as quickly as possible or would be embarrassed to have guests visit.

If your bathroom isn't designed properly for your needs, you very quickly end up with a medicine cabinet that explodes beauty bits and rogue painkillers every time you open it, or applying make up that looks caked on like crazy once you leave that bathroom light. However, a lot of these issues are very easily resolved without too much fuss, work or money.

Are you making these bathroom decorating mistakes? Find out below the clever, simple solutions that could quickly and easily revive your space.


Neglecting storage

Bathrooms are often small spaces, but ones which require quite a bit of storage. Most people don't have adequate storage space for their needs, in order to allow their bathrooms be the most functional and uncluttered they can be. Picking a medicine cabinet that fits your needs is the first step, or if you're going custom, it's worth planning for a vanity that has enough storage to suit you. Exploring recessed wall cabinets and shower shelves can also be an option where you are building the room from scratch.

Many people keep their towels in their hot press, but if you don't have that luxury, making sure you have enough towel storage is so important in a bathroom, as they can be quite clunky to keep around. Adding robe hooks on the back of your door can be a small space solution that gives you a place to store damp towels to dry, so you don't have to rely just on towel rails.


Overlooking lighting

There's nothing worse than a poorly lit bathroom, and lighting is one thing many people get wrong. A lot of people forget that they need multiple light sources so it's important to remember that you need both decorative and task lighting. A good source of natural light is obviously a godsend but if you only have a small window, there's plenty of tricks you can employ with your lighting to make sure it's suitably bright. Strategically placed overhead and vanity lighting will work wonders, but if your bathroom is particularly poorly lit, don't be afraid to add a well-chosen lamp to help out.

With bathroom lighting, it's really about what you use the space for. If your morning make up is your main priority, add sconces or a lit magnifying mirror, but if you're more likely to look to the bathroom for a relaxing bath, dimmable ceiling lights would make an excellent choice.


Image: Inside Out

Opting for too many finishes

Baring in mind the bathroom is probably a smaller room, it can be easily overwhelming or messy looking if you introduce too many finishes and patterns. More than two finishes in a bathroom can look odd, so try to pick your favourites and stick with them. Mixing metals is a huge trend but in a bathroom, it could easily become too much so try to pick one metal and go with it, and maybe accent it with small accessories if you really love the idea of mixing. If statement colours or patterns are your thing, use them wisely rather than putting them everywhere, to keep things unified.


Choosing slippery tiles

You might love that cool decorative tile you've stumbled upon but it might not be perfect for your floor. Bare in mind that your bathroom flooring is very, very likely to get wet, and sometimes tiles that aren't explicitly designed as floor tiles, can become extremely slippery when wet. Nothing looks good enough to constantly pose a hazard to your safety, so make sure when choosing tiles that they are bathroom-safe. If it's too late for that, it can be fixed with slip-resistant treatments.


Image: Project Allen Designs

Forgetting personality

For some reason, people tend to forget to put their own stamp on their bathrooms, instead opting for something that looks 'bathroom-y', but just like any other room in the home, bathrooms can have personality too. Add a fun light fixture or go big on with a patterned wallpaper, if that's your style, or maybe pick a gorgeous piece of art if that's your bag. Because they are usually smaller spaces, it doesn't take much to spice up a bathroom, but it can make all the difference in terms of how much you love the space, and how it fits with the rest of your home.

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