Desk Goals: 9 dreamy desks that will make you want to do some work

By Fiona Hyland 27-02-2017

If you work from home, you'll know the importance of a good work space. While the temptation to work from bed is very real, it's actually proven to hinder your productivity. When we go to bed, our brain is trained to wind down and get ready for sleep, so you can imagine what this does when you're tying to work from under the covers.

No matter what your budget is, or how much room you have in your home, you can definitely create a place where you feel comfortable and productive. Here are some of our favourite desk inspiration pics.

Instagram desk goals

Instagram: Emma Highfield

Marble, rose-gold AND blush pink? We are loving what's going on, on this desk.


Gorgeous blush pink desk inspiration

Oh Happy Day

If you, like us, have fallen into the rabbit hole of bullet journals, you'll love this weekly wall calendar.

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Minimal monochrome desk

Instagram: Chantal Li

Sometimes less is more, and we adore this minimal monochrome workspace.

Vibrant, colourful home work desk

Instagram: Courtney Whitmore

And sometimes, more is more! This vibrant workspace is sure to inject some energy into your day.

Small spaces are no problem for this home office

The Cozy Space

For those of you who are a little short of space, this narrow, wire desk could be just what you need. Stacked tall with beautiful prints and journals, it proves you can create a home office in a corner.

Coco Lapine Design

This creative space is totally technology free, and we're loving it. Channel your inner artist and let your creative juices flow sans technology.

Good vibes blush pink desk inspo

Instagram: Pretty Providence Blog

Positive reinforcement. Sometimes we need a reminder of how deadly we are. Don't be afraid to pin up some positive, motivational quotes around your workspace.

The Fashionista's Diary

Get crafty. If you don't have a huge budget to splash out on a whole new workspace, then why not get creative with the space you already have.

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Instagram: All Things Rosie

Make it cosy. There's nothing worse than trying to get anything done when you're cold - am I right? Adding a nice rug, and throw to your work space will create a cosy atmosphere that locks in heat.

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