How to create an office nook in your spare wardrobe

By Amber Clery 01-05-2012
How to create an office nook in your spare wardrobe

So many of us are stuck for space in our homes and can't justify taking up a whole room for our home office but we still need some sort of office space for sorting bills, online banking and most importantly online shopping so why not create an office nook using the wardrobe in your spare bedroom? Most of us have houses that come with built-in wardrobes so if you haven't already hijacked the spare bedroom's wardrobe with your clothes, these ideas could work for you. Depending on what space you have, use these inspiration pics as a guide.

1. The doors of this wardrobe have been removed so the office nook becomes part of the room. The interior walls of this built-in wardrobe have been painted with blackboard paint; a neat desk and chair have been placed inside and shelves have been fitted to the side walls. It's a compact but cool space to do some online shopping!

2. This small closet has been painted a pale pink which is a beautiful contrast to the dark grey bedroom walls. A simple shelf has been fitted across the width of the closet for your laptop and some side shelves for books and files. 

3. The back wall of this girly office space has been wallpapered in a pretty floral print and the inside of the doors, pegboards and desk have all been cleverly painted turquoise so it doesn't appear too cluttered or chaotic. Pretty boxfiles and accessories have been used to store stationery and paperwork. The pegboards fitted to the inside of the doors provide extra storage and handy hanging space without taking up valuable space on the desk.

4. This wardrobe has been painted all white and fitted with a horizontal mirror on the back wall creating a sense of space. Useful storage boxes have been placed on the high shelf for items that aren't used on a regular basis. Again, notice boards and pegboards provide useful storage on the inside of the doors.

The benefit of having your home office nook built into a wardrobe is that you can close over the doors on the stressful side of life and not worry about it til you're ready. Out of sight out of mind! Pretty cool eh? 

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