How To: Make a wine cork notice board

By Danielle Mahoney 15-05-2012
How To: Make a wine cork notice board

Notice boards are great to have. You can stick anything on them from shopping lists to family photos. They can be a tad unstylish though if they're not piled with papers. That's where this little project comes in, not only are the corks super stylish and on trend with their rustic feel but you're doing a kindness to the earth by not binning old corks.

You'll need

  • Lots and lots of corks
  • A photo frame
  • A hot glue gun
  • Gloves


  • Turn on your hot glue gun making sure that you wear gloves to prevent getting hot glue on your hands, you don't want to glue them together.
  • Start from the bottom of your frame and place a layer of glue across in a line.
  • Beginning in the corner firmly press one cork onto the frame at a time. Once you finish a row move onto the next row and continue as so until finished.

Allow to dry overnight and then get pinning the old-fashioned way.

There are so many ways to change this up to suit you. Why not try arranging the corks in different patterns and sequences or forget about the frame and do a cork wall.

If you're finding it difficult to gather enough corks try cutting each cork down the middle so you're left with two halves. And of course the best thing about this project is that it requires a lot of wine consumption. No need to thank us.

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