Bring balance back into your home with these six zen interior tips

By Fiona Hyland 01-02-2017

From hygge to Lagom, it can be difficult (and expensive) to keep up with all of the newest interior trends. If you’re getting bogged down by it all, fear not, as there are plenty of small changes you can make to create zen and balance in your home.

De-clutter and get organised

zen interior tips feng shui balance

For those of you who find it difficult to find anything, you’ll know how stressful it is trying to dig out something important. Eliminate this stress by getting organised. Spend time going through bills, important documents and receipts that are taking up space. Bin anything you don’t need, and arrange the rest in order of importance. Have a bill that’s been looming over you for a while? Pay it – you’ll be amazed at how much stress such a small act will relieve.


Keep the light soft and natural

zen interior tips feng shui balance

Over-head lighting can be harsh on the eye. Create a zen atmosphere by using lamps and candles. Where possible, use natural light throughout the day. Using candles in the bedroom will create a relaxed and natural environment. Before you go to sleep try lighting something with a calming scent such as lavender to help switch off your body and mind.


Keep furniture natural and simple

zen interior tips feng shui balance

By using products such as wood, wool or other natural materials, you’re essentially bringing nature into your house. Because we spend most of our time in our bedrooms, it’s important that we create a zen space for us to relax and unwind in. Keep your bed de-cluttered with some simple, natural throws, and don’t go overboard with cushions.


 Create symmetry

zen interior tips feng shui balance

It may not be for everybody, but some people feel that creating symmetry, creates balance and harmony in a room.


Eliminate technology

zen interior tips feng shui balance

Okay, so this might sound pretty idealistic, however there are many ways that we can certainly reduce the amount of technology we use. For example, keep the television for the living room only, and not in the bedroom. This will limit the amount you watch, and save you from the urge to stay in bed all day at the weekends. Secondly, try and stay away from social media before falling asleep. It’s very easy to let the hours slip away while we browse through our various social media platforms. Instead, try reading a couple of pages of a book. This will help switch off your mind, and help you fall asleep faster.


Bring the outdoors, indoors

zen interior tips feng shui balance

Incorporating natural foliage into your home can help clean the air, eliminate toxins and has also been said to improve concentration. Not only that, but plants also have a calming effect, besides the fact they look great. Hanging terrariums make an excellent choice of zen interior décor.
For more tips and tricks to bring harmony and a zen interior into your life, check out our guide to hygge.

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