BLINDSINABOX invents a clever window solution

By Jimmy Loughran 16-09-2010

Yesterday I came across a really unique product by BLINDSINABOX. This smart idea was featured on BBC Two's Dragons Den, and understandably recieved an investment offer from two of the Dragons.

Basically, these blinds are a super quick and easy way to cover your windows - I imagine they'd be really handy during home renovations or redecorating - when a bit of privacy is needed but you haven't quite decided on what look you're going for.

The blinds come in black and white and are really easy to put up - you literally just stick them above your window and trim them to whatever size you'd like. They're intended for temporary use - but they're actually quite nice looking - and they get brownie points for being completely recyclable!

Check out all the info and instructions as well as a video from Dragon's Den on the BLINDSINABOX website.

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