Going bespoke throughout: 5 reasons to opt for a custom fit-out

By Aoife Valentine 26-09-2018

Words: Roisin Carribine

Renovating or refurbishing property has never been more popular but with it comes the desire to create a stand-out living space. A completely bespoke interior fit-out provides just the opportunity and there are many design companies that offer such a service to suit all budgets and tastes. If you’ve ever thought of going fully bespoke, here’s five reasons to convince you why you should.

It makes most of space you have 

“A full interiors fit-out can help you make the most of your space by creating furniture that is in proportion to your needs and space and integrates into the house,” says bespoke furniture designer and manufacturer Patrick McKenna of Dublin-based Wabi Sabi. He has years of experience and expertise working on a number of remodelling projects including the full refurb of Crowded House bassist Nick Seymour’s storage-smart apartment in the capital’s Exchequer Street.

Can add features that enhance your home

“Ideally a specialist furniture designer or bespoke design company should be part of the team working on your refurbishment, so it’s important to get them in at the early stages of your project. They can provide a wealth of information as a specialist in spatial planning and offer advice on appropriate materials, finishes and joinery detailing,” says Patrick.


Creates a more unified look

“Furniture and joinery elements created by a furniture designer or bespoke professional manufacturers can help create a feeling of cohesiveness and a consistency of quality materials and joinery details,” says Patrick.

It's a long-term investment

“More people are choosing to make a long-term investment by opting for bespoke, made-to-measure furniture rather than shop bought or flat pack,” says interior designer Arlene McIntyre of Ventura who has worked her design magic creating bespoke fit-outs for domestic projects as well as some of the country’s most exclusive show homes and luxury hotels. “If the furniture is well-made and to a high stand it’s now considered acceptable to make such a large investment in various pieces of furniture in your home such as wardrobes, tables, bookcases, storage systems and even kitchens.”

You only have to deal with one company

If you’re refurbishing or completely remodelling your home, you’ll likely be dealing with several different companies, which can not only be a hassle trying to co-ordinate everything and juggle budgets but also time-consuming. “Enlisting the help of one designer or one company can make the process run smoothly and efficiently and to deadline,” says Arlene.


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