Six of our favourite wallpapers this season

By House and Home 09-05-2011

Wallpaper isn’t just a trend that’s been hanging about. It’s a versatile, affordable option for homes in need of a wall-over. In our recently released May/ June issue we have an FYI feature on the latest and greatest wallpapers. If you'd like to see the full feature, pick up a copy of the latest issue and head to page 111.

1. Super Fresco

Instantly transport yourself back to the seventies with this pattern. This wallpaper would look great paired with other vintage pieces and definitely a lot easier to hang than the old style wallpapers! Superfresco Easy Trippy Cream Terracotta Geometric wallpaper, £20 per roll from

2. Brain teaser

Create a mind boggling feature wall with this wallpaper. Secret cities is part of the Destination range from Mr Perswall, €125.72 per roll from

3. Modern animals

If you’re looking for a contemporary graphic print while still embracing the animal craze then this is the paper for you. These galloping zebras would look amazing in a similarly toned interior. Zebra wallpaper in Blue/ Grey by Turner Pocock, €95per roll from Garrendenny Lane Interiors,

4. Money talks

Be the richest house on your road. The Money wall mural is by Mr Perswall, €111 per roll from If only you could peel them off!

5. A Midsummer Night's Dream

This wallpaper not only adds an interactive element to your interior but a textural one too. The text has been made via a digital embroidery machine and is extracted from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream and holds a Stitched text wallpaper by Tracy Kendall, P.O.A

6. Labyrint

This Labyrint mural is a child’s game but for adults too! Allow yourself to get lost in the visual maze and you can even record your attempts with a pen. The Labyrint wallpaper by Mr Perswall, €111 per roll from

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By Collette Doyle

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