How to…create a feel-good outdoor space

By Ruth Bell 29-08-2023
How to…create a feel-good outdoor space

Give your garden some love with renowned author and stylist Ki Nassauer's top tips for creating a feel-good space.

Compiled by Ciara Elliott


According to American author and stylist Ki Nassauer who is dubbed the ‘Martha Stewart of vintage’, “Style isn’t about perfection but rather about finding joy in the imperfections that give our lives, and our homes, their unmistakable character.” In her writing and styling, Ki loves to share her passion for all things old and authentic in our homes and our gardens, while also chronicling the beauty and utility of the vintage-inspired life. Inspired by Ki’s philosophy? Make your outside area feel loved and lived-in by layering favourite items as easily as you would indoors.

Images from Ki Nassauer’s book Lived-in Style

Ki Nassauer’s tips for a feel-good space

1. Experiment with your space: Some people have a knack for putting this with that and making it look great, but creating interesting rooms that work is a skill anyone can acquire. Groupings look best in odd numbers and vignettes benefit from mixed materials, like wood, metal and glass. Be willing to experiment.

2. Think about durability: For outside living, you need to double down on durability. Count on tough surfaces like stone and hardwood floors to stand up to high traffic while also being easy to clean. Use scatter mats and small rugs to soften the look and catch the dirt.

Image from Ki Nassauer’s book Lived-in Style

3. Link indoors and outside: Make the transition seamless. Inside, include abundant natural texture and woven furnishings that echo those used outdoors; outside, count on weatherproof fabrics to add comfort and colour.

4. Embrace glazing:  Window walls with folding and or retractable doors, double French doors and deluxe, extra-wide sliders will pay off in the long run for their beauty and ease of daily use.

Image from Ki Nassauer’s book Lived-in Style


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