Panic Packing; 8 hacks to make packing for your holidays a whole lot easier

By Fiona Hyland 08-03-2017

If you, like us, dread the thoughts of packing, (or even worse: unpacking) and leave everything until the night before, then your about to have your mind blown by these amazing packing hacks!

Roll, don't fold

Not only does rolling up your clothes into neat cylinders save you so much room in your suitcase, it keeps your garments wrinkle-free.

Keep your clothes clean by packing your shoes into shower caps

We all have a shower cap somewhere hidden among all of the toiletries in the bathroom. Well as it turns out, they're not just handy for keeping your hair dry in the shower, but they come in very useful when packing. No longer worry about getting dirty shoe prints on your clothes by packing them into a shower cap - genius!

Use clingfilm to leak-proof your shampoo and shower gel

There's nothing more annoying, than opening your suitcase to find a sticky film all over your clothes. Spill-proof your bottles by taking the lid, placing a square of clingfilm over the opening of the bottle and place the lid back on.

Keep your powder makeup in tact by popping a piece of cotton wool on top

As we know, makeup is quite delicate, and we have a mini heart-attack when we drop our makeup bag on the ground for fears that we've shattered our powder. Well you can travel easy now, knowing that your powder will be well intact when you reach your destination with this handy travel tip.

Keep your bobby pins together by carrying them in Tic Tac boxes

Yet another handy use for Tic Tac boxes - see some other handy uses for Tic Tac boxes here.

Use a sunglasses case to store loose wires

Sick of spending ages untangling wires after you've unpacked all your things? Keep them together and tangle free by storing them in a glasses case.

Use an empty lip balm or suncream bottlesĀ for storing valuables at the beach

An empty lip balm container is the perfect place to store cash if you're heading to the beach, or for larger items such as your phone or hotel keys, use a clean empty suncream bottle.

Use a rolled up belt to keep shirt collars stiff

Not only will it keep your shirt collar stiff and in shape, but it'll also save you some space.

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