7 hallway decor ideas that will make a great first impression

By Aoife Valentine Secor 29-05-2019

Your hallway decor is the first impression of your interiors style that guests get, so you'll want to make it representative of how gorgeous the rest of your house is, rather than the forgotten space it can often become.

It may be somewhere to take off your shoes, set down your keys and hang up your coat, but it's also setting the tone for the rest of the house. A lot of people will pass through, but not many people spend chunks of time in the entryway, so your hallway decor needs to be considered, and some small changes can upgrade what you've got pretty easily.

Here are seven hallway decor ideas to help you make a great first impression, and greet guests in style.

Start with your welcome mat

Your hallway makes a first impression from the moment you open the door, so make sure the view through your front door is beautiful. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with a considered and well chosen welcome mat. While there is a balancing act between practical and pretty, if your hallway is a well-trodden thoroughfare, it may be worth opting for an antique, or antique-style, rug that has well-worn appeal and won't look ratty before its time.


Lighten up

We are forever underlining the importance of lighting, but particularly in a hallway, it can be important to consider the impact it has. Layered lighting - using various sources of light - can add warmth to the space, while if you're hoping to make a statement, a chandelier or statement pendant can draw the eye up. This is especially clever if you have high ceilings or beautiful architectural details worth highlighting in your hall.


Play with scale

Hallways are often long and narrow, or short and wide, but either way, you usually have a small enough space to play with, meaning not a lot of room to make it interesting. Playing with scale, for example by using oversized art for a chic tone, or an oversized mirror to create the appearance of a never-ending space. It will add some drama to the space and make it much more memorable.


Take a seat

If it's a welcoming, homely vibe you're looking for, a simple way to make guests feel at home is to add a seat to your hallway. If you've a family, perhaps a bench is ideal for everyone putting on or taking off their shoes, or an elegant armchair may suit if you're looking to add a more grand feel to the space. Throws, pillows, and plants all add some extra comfort to the space, and offer an opportunity to showcase your style.


It's all in the details

Often in such small spaces, a less is more approach can work. If that sounds more up your street, investing in some smaller details can allow them be the spotlight features, whether it's showcasing incredible tiling and keeping the rest of your decor minimalist, or choosing some perfect accessories to pull the space together. Simple, but effective, is the way to go here.


Mix it up

Even if you're keeping things super simple, mixing heights and textures is important to avoid the space falling flat. A console table is a classic choice for a hallway, and on top of it, you could place an interesting lamp, a decorative tray to keep all keys and stray items in order, and a plant. If you want to add some personality, perhaps include some well-chosen books, candles or decorative pieces, but bear in mind the rule of threes to keep things feeling aligned.


Keep it warm

A warm and inviting palette is always a good choice for a hallway. It's the space where you'll be welcoming guests, so you want to make your warmth felt from the get go. As well as warm, cosy colours, natural wood tones and neutral rugs can help set the tone for greeting guests and then again for saying goodnight at the end of an evening.


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